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​Eurotubes is dedicated to its customers in providing a responsive, professional, and friendly service. Our workforce shares our passion for consistently delivering the highest quality wire guides & stator winding needles, excelling in precision engineering, and solving complex wire winding challenges.

Established in the mid 1980's, our manufacturing facility is located on the peninsula Isle of Portland, on the South Coast of the UK. It’s from this location that the first Eurotubes production machines were developed and wire guide tube history began.

We consider the history to be pretty impressive: we have produced more than 6 Million wire guide tubes, spanning the 3.5 decades in production, across 8,500+ different designs of guide.

There is simply no other manufacturer that has produced this volume of wire guides, with such a breadth and variation of perfected designs. This extensive experience, coupled with our hunger to develop, makes our tubes the best in the industry and our staff the most capable wire guide engineers on the planet.

Our wire guide tube / motor winding needle production facilities are fully CAD-CAM-CNC driven, which to our customers means absolute precision, consistency, and repeatability across our entire range of products.

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