Our Products

Eurotubes UK services the world’s top winding machine manufacturers - and their end users - with world class wire guiding products.

For over 3.5 decades we have supported the coil and motor winding industries by supplying wire guides that offer:

- Great value for money

- Precision, consistency, repeatability, and damage-free layering of copper wire

- A durable and robust product that will withstand most accidental collisions during machine setups / through programming error

Over the years our range has expanded, and we now offer the widest array of stator winding needles / wire guides on the planet. We boast a catalogue of over 8500+ designs of wire guide.

All of our wire guides are CAD-CAM-CNC machined to perfection and we are proud to offer such a high-quality product for our customers to enjoy.

Buying from Eurotubes has never been easier – you can email, phone, and order online... 

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