Wire Guides

Wire guide tubes - known also as wire guide nozzles / wire guide needles - are used in the coil winding industry on automatic multi-spindle machines; typically to wind enamelled copper wire around a core to create an electromagnet coil. See: Coil Winding Technology on Wikipedia for more information. 

In this section you will find our basic range of wire guide offerings; we dimension the products in Metric as per the nomenclature above and from the left hand refinement menu you can quickly and easily select the dimensions for the product you require. As you refine dimensions, the product options (below) will be narrowed down.

If the wire guide you need is not listed on our website, it's as easy for us to create a new bespoke nozzle to suit your exact requirements. Please email sales@eurotubes.co.uk and one of our Sales Team will be in touch within two hours of your email during normal working hours GMT - Monday through Friday. 

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