Stator Winding Needles

In-slot stator/rotor winding needles (also known as: stator guides, rotor wire guides, motor winding needles, winding needles, & stator tubes) are generally used on automatic in-slot stator winding machines involving complex, high feed, multi-axis techniques to insert/layer/wrap enamelled copper wire around the poles on a stator; which eventually, with a rotor, commutator, air gap, housing etc forms an electric motor. 

Since 1999 Eurotubes UK has specialised in the design, rapid prototyping, & manufacture of stator/rotor winding needles. We work directly with stator/rotor/motor winding machine manufactures – & end users of such machinery – optimising the design of the needle to enhance longevity, improve performance & eliminate the risk of wire damage.

Our extensive experience in the production of stator winding needles is unparalleled in the industry. Over two decades we have honed our design, production, & finishing capabilities to offer industry leading winding needles for quality, value, and design.

Not only is the design paramount to successful winding, the surface finish and consistency in geometry/dimensions from one needle to another is critical. Using CAD-CAM-CNC machining techniques, coupled with bespoke machinery, proprietary knowledge, and a state-of-the-art dedicated manufacturing facility, we supply world class stator winding needles to top end electric motor manufacturing firms all around the world.

Small batch or large volume quantities are catered for – general turn around for manufacture of a new stator design is 5-7 days; for existing customers with repeat orders we aim to hold finished stock for same day dispatch.

As an example – a batch of 6 needles would fall into the range of £250 - £600 each depending on the complexity of the design and the amount of features, machining operations, and finishing times.

Please get in touch with our Sales Team – for more information or if you would like to receive a quotation with lead times.


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